Monthly Archives: January 2012


Jan2012I was sitting at my bench, a big bangle in my hand (the one in the image). As I worked around the casting, cleaning, filing smoothing the form, I realised something. I have spent years at the bench cleaning castings up, I thought this was an insignificant task. Cast work is not valued by the Craft elite, it is not one off, it can be repeated, this is seen as a reason to devalue it as an art object and so this attitude had flooded into my view of my own work. Then I realised that with each touch of the file, I was drawing. I was using the edge of the metal to make a line, using the curve to make a form, to create a shade: this is drawing!!! I have been drawing each time I file and sand a casting. All these years I have been understanding folds, flowers, petals in such intricate ways, every day. Drawing again and again each time I make a piece of jewellery. I have been drawing flowers for years but in metal. This is the value in work like mine and others who use the same technique. Casting is a way of understanding the forms around us, to draw them in the “real” again and again and with this brings the kind of understanding and skills to these forms that is unique, built through these years at the bench: making. So I will make and when I have time I will draw flowers and plants, this will lead me to new work. I will trust the process.