Monthly Archives: May 2012

Small Things Please Small Minds

May2012Someone once said to me that to jewellers, “small things please small minds.” It made me giggle really. So 15 years later I wonder at why I’ve spent a lifetime making tiny things in a room. Where was the bigger picture? I then started the Hackney Children’s Art School with Ali Hodgson, and we have this cause to connect primary school children’s educational needs to artists. The skills that we have as designers, makers, artists can do something within our community. At this age children have no dedicated art teachers. But they do have teachers who have amazing skills and talent. Every bit of us we “put in” to these teachers they will use to help give our children the very best, the primary school system has such need of us all. So I buy a £20 water colour brush and the children in my class take turns with this new thing…so soft, that can carry so much colour and make such amazing marks. You have to make children relax, to have fun, to be and to flow to get good pictures and drawings out of them. So I brush their faces with this softest of brushes. They smile, they giggle, they relax, maybe they understand how to use the brush a little more – a small thing really. Do you see what I am doing, the same as making jewellery: “small things please small minds.” There is the bigger picture and the bigger message. And teaching these children has started me drawing again too, we are all artists together.