Monthly Archives: June 2013

What happens if?

I was asked by my caster to come in and look at all my patterns, the moulds that my work is cast from. I sat there checking each rubber pattern and came across this fold ring and a few other pieces which I cast after a few years of them being forgotten. I then thought what would happen if I set a stone within a fold, so this is the result. It needs work, it needs more light and the design working on and so I am developing a new ring. It was a strange experience sitting with all these patterns in front of me, these square bits of rubber represent an 18 year career in jewellery, many hours making, selling, designing, learning, failing, trying. I said this to my caster and expressed my wonder at how that happened how it is a strange kind of job – he smiled and said everyone who makes jewellery is a little bit eccentric. So it will be interesting to how this new stone fold ring looks.