Showing at RHS Wisley with Craft in Focus 16/17 July

drawing no.18

A day drawing in preparation for a major show at Wisley Gardens created these new images – ready for teaching and selling jewellery next weekend at event run by Craft In Focus. Arts-fest is a summer event with music and lots to do in this stunning RHS Garden. The inspiration for my new jewellery collections is the setting for this show, surrounded by the most amazing plants and flowers. Full collections on show with new drawings. Also an art school drawing exercise for everyone to try and badge making, so you can create your own plant decorations to wear. The full design process for you to try, from understanding the details of drawing, extending that to design and making of the final piece. Next sale @ Craft Central Gallery on Thursday 4th August for summer colour and bargains.

opal emdrawing no.15drawing no.16drawing no.17drawing no.20drawing no.19

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