Lookbook: Studio

Bench @ Goldsmiths Centre

My work and jewellery bench are based at The Goldsmiths Centre. I make two days per week at the bench, pictured below, in this busy workshop at the heart of the fine jewellery world. The rest of the week I paint for Elizabeth Bradley, teach at Halley House School and tutor children to draw.

It took me 25 years to get my design work to this level. The light, the bench, all the tools, the computers, the talk of fine stones and settings will gradually change my way of making, designing, the way I do business. I worked for six years to build my collections from my home studio, to gain a place within this designing and making community and it will be an exciting journey to see how this develops my work and my business. You can book an appointment with me at Goldsmiths on a Tuesday or Wednesday for commissions.