Botanically Inspired Fine Jewellery

Drawing with pen and drawing with gold hold the same magic for both heart, soul and intellect. As my work has developed over 20 years, the botanical influence has literally grown – from my hammered petals, to my large flower brooch to the commitment ring and now the flower setting and my botanical drawings.

I worked with vintage costume jewellery at the start of my career and those swirling, weaving motifs have always drawn my eye. This jewellery was borne from fine jewellery clients wanting costume jewellery to wear with easy, by the poolside or out and about – without the value of the real pieces. These clients wanted the same level of craft skills and design, colour and glamour from these costume pieces.

Fine jewellery craftsman where sent to New York to design for these wealthy clients and this is the jewllery I learnt to love, handle and sell after leaving college. Jewellery that expresses design, form, skills and colour and who’s value is interchangeable with the materials used.

That is evident in how I display and sell my pieces now – set out like a vintage jewellery boutique. The respect I hold for this way of designing, the botanical influence, the beauty of form, the craft skills, the knowledge about stones and colour is the essence of how I see, think and draw and teach. It informs how I teach the understanding of the visual world and how knowledge and information effect the way we draw and design.

I now specialise in the Victorian Flower Setting, where the metal is pulled over the stone to create tiny flower shapes, it’s a setting that has been handed through four sets of hands from the original Victorian craftsmen. You are commissioning tiny pieces of our making and design history to wear, as a new heirloom, for the flower setting to been seen and admired by the fifth and sixth generations.

My work has sold internationally including to Barney’s New York, and been featured in Vogue, Italian Vogue and Harpers and Queen and now is available in bespoke galleries. I am also an art teacher specialising in children’s art classes linked to the national curriculum – details on my teaching page. See my Instagram for news on stones, commissions and designer sales.